Monday, March 5, 2018

What I've Been Up To

You would seriously think that, since I'm unemployed, I would have more time than ever to blog and shop and have fun.  But that's not the case!  I'm always looking for work, and getting things listed in my Etsy shop, as well as doing some listing of new products on Amazon -- and time has been flying.
I took a couple of days and went with my cousin to visit my elderly aunt in Nebraska.  I wrote about her and the old homestead many years ago on this blog, here.  We had fun, running errands for her and, of course, doing some thrift shopping.  Of the three days I was with her -- we went to Wal-Mart three times!  That has to be some sort of record!
I found the Nebraska and Wyoming thrift shops we stopped at to be quite reasonable!  Above, some fabric scraps from long ago...
 Below: a Holt Howard cat shaker -- missing its mate, but still too wonderful to leave behind!
 And, of course, some vintage Christmas stuff!
While in Wyoming, I spotted this sign on the window of a shop:
I had to laugh -- but, Longmire is a show that Dennis and I have really gotten into on NetFlix recently!  If you haven't watched it, you should check it out.  It's like Law and Order, Western-style.

Back home, I had a chance to meet a new friend: Liz.  I "know" her from one of the Facebook craft groups, and she let me know that she was traveling to Denver to visit her daughter and invited me to a vintage market with them.  That was a very fun day!
Here we are at lunch after the market; we exchanged gifts.  Look at my wonderful button bouquet that Liz made me!  The little bird vase is so adorable!
My gift for Liz was an assortment of embellishments and little treats, Easter-themed, and especially some glass buttons she mentioned she loved:
It all looked cozy nestled into this vintage egg crate that I got years ago from my friend Suzanne!  It was such a fun gift to put together for Liz!

Some of the fun, lovely stuff for sale at the market...

It was called, The Rebel Junk Vintage Market.  I didn't spend too, too much...mostly I shopped at my friend Amy's booth; here's what I got there:
Look at that BINGO card...I have a lot of them, but this is the nicest one I've ever seen!  It's very thick, hard board and the printing/fonts are just lovely, I think!  It's stamped with the name of a church, St. Patrick's, which I thought was timely!  The little camel is a gumball machine (or Crackerjack) toy charm.  My mother used to have so many of those, and I sold quite a few of hers years ago.  Ben is currently collecting camels, so I couldn't pass this one up!  And I had to buy some more of those candles to replace the ones I sold to Country Living that ended up in their magazine that time! (Note: I'm trying to find a link to that photo -- no luck!  When I find it, I'll post it.)

I have lots more finds and creations to show you and hope to be back much sooner next time!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Valentine's Week

I had two of you respond that you'd like to swap valentines with me, so I sent two and got two back.  I made a few more that I sent out to friends and relatives, too!

Here are the gifts I got in return for the swaps:
Wendy sent me all this!  She knows how I feel about vintage, so the valentine she created was in that style:
I love the pink fabric in the background; it looks like a mini chenille print, but is actually embroidered.  Thank you so much, Wendy!
Lynette sent this valentine's card with a greeting and this sweet heart:
Front - look at that detail
 Reverse - she's so creative with ephemera
And some chocolate!  Thank you so much, Lynette!
I picked up this bag of hearts at a thrift shop after all my valentines were they will have to wait until next year!  I'm still working on my heart creations for the swap I'm doing with my FB group; here's a sneak peek of the "base" before embellishment:
The back is the same fabric as the small heart on front, which is one of the Downton Abbey prints, Lady Rose, Rose Arbor!  I have until March 7 to finish them, and I think it will take about as long!
 Did you decorate for valentine's day?  Here are a few vignettes from around my home.

The banner below is probably the first valentine craft I ever made, using handmade cards by Julia, who used to live in Germany and sell on Etsy.  Now she lives in Scotland.  I noticed this year that the banner is wearing out, with rips in the crepe paper and doilies that are falling off.  I will have to refurbish it -- but put it up anyway because I don't need it to be perfect.  Just perfectly vintage!
I hope you have a chance to celebrate your loves this Valentine's week!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Thank goodness it's February!

Wow, January seemed never-ending, didn't it?  I'm just so glad it's now February!  I got started with making valentines way early, and then I got involved in a heart swap with a FB group called Rag Bag Gals.  Those hearts are not due until March 7, and I have them cut out and ready to start sewing.  I sent a bunch of valentines out the other day, including those I am swapping with two blog friends, and created too many heart crafts to count, a few of which I sold at an event called The Ultimate Indoor Garage Sale last week.

This was the first time in many years I've done an event like this.  It was located at an indoor barn-like structure, and what was fabulous was that we were able to drive right in and unload right next to our spaces!  That was sweet!

Another thing that was sweet was that I had a front, corner booth!  I'd asked for a really good spot, and boy did they ever cooperate! We had a preview the night before, 5 - 7:30 pm, and then the actual event was Saturday 8-4 pm.  It was f-f-f-freezing in the barn for that evening preview, which made me dread the next day's sale, but, it ended up being nice and warm on Saturday.

Being a junk, garage-sale event meant I wasn't sure I'd sell any of my pretty things, but I brought them along to try, and ended up selling a wreath, two of my valentine jars and lots of vintage valentines and stuff. 

I was very happy with the results of the sale -- it was great experience!
My absolute favorite thing that happened was when a woman stopped by and said she wanted all my teacups!  She said she was in charge of a veteran's fund raiser where they would be having a tea for wives and each attendee would leave with their tea cup as a gift!  I was excited at what their new/next life was going to be! 
It was a friendly event with really wonderful clientele; I enjoyed selling and even giving away some things just to make people happy, and had so many nice conversations with the shoppers!  I even had a chance to coach some of the other vendors about online selling, being an Etsy pro and all (wink!)
Here's what those little valentine jars looked like!  I threw them together at the last minute, and they were just so much fun and had a lot of admirers!  Everything I used is vintage. Two of them sold and one is left in my shop.
 The tops...
This is the wreath that sold to my buddy at the sale, which I made from freshly-dyed coffee filters -- it's going to go in her new PT clinic, which has the softest, prettiest decor!  I also made three small rag wreaths that I am in love with!  The spend-$25-get-40%-off discount is active again in my shop!
I have a lot of filters left and am planning to make many more wreaths and pretty things for Spring using them.  Besides wreaths, what do you like to see done with coffee filter flowers?  Ideas appreciated!
Because it was necessary to make, not spend, money, the little tally cards in the box above are the only things I bought at the sale, for .50 cents.  So cute!  I love the sassy look on the Dutch girl's face!
It's been three weeks since I lost my job, and I've been applying for others, but no luck yet.  I am working on getting set up selling on Fulfillment by Amazon.  I've sold used books on Amazon before in the past, but not for some years; I remember it as being quick and painless, so I'd like to try selling other stuff.  If you, or anyone you know, does FBA selling, I'd love to hear more about it!
Meanwhile, Dennis' job has gotten busy and he's scheduled a lot of travel in the coming weeks.  I'm happy for him, but it's still hard to adjust to my new, not-asked-for, at-home-and-jobless status.
I'm grateful for the kitties!

Have a great weekend, and let me know what you are up to!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Please be kind, January

I wished for a quiet and productive beginning to the year, and it would've been just that -- except for losing my job last week.
It was a day like any other until my boss told me that my job had been eliminated and sent me home, with no severance.  I'm so sad.  Most of all, I'm not up for another year of ups and downs, employment-wise. 

I spent the last week trying to ignore the situation as best I can, and crafted, got projects done around the house, and shopped for buried treasure.
I had my friend Karen over to craft on Martin Luther King Day and we made vintage fabric hearts.  Above was the spread on my dining room table -- lots of fabric and fun things to choose from!

Mine started with a layer of felted wool, then velvet, then some lovely brown netted lace, then some novelty painted fabric, more velvet, and, finally, a lovely antique millinery rose.  I added charms, buttons, and lots of trim and hand-stitching.  I'm happy with the result!
My favorite thing about it is that it hangs from a vintage sweater clip.  If you have a chance to go and "favorite" it in my Etsy shop, that would be much appreciated!
I was on a roll, so I created a second one (above.)  A third one is also in the works!

As you know if you've been a blog reader of mine for a while, I love the valentine motif for making art.  I'm participating in one fabric heart swap next month with a Facebook group, and plan to keep all my supplies out there on my dining room table so I can spontaneously pick up and keep creating as often as possible!

As far as my Etsy shop, I'm keeping it as full as I can, at about 100 items available, and there is a 40% off purchases over $25 sale going on, still!
While out thrifting and junking, I've been finding fun vintage "picks" and plan to make many valentines with them and other vintage items in my stash.  Just today I sold some 1950s era valentines and I scanned them before sending them off.  Here are a few that you are welcome to download and use in your art:

And I'm just beginning to list some vintage Easter items!
I'm happy for the company of kitties while I'm bouncing around the house on these wintry, cold January days.
Art likes to lay on top of the highest cabinet while I sit at the desk and type...
while Paul usually prefers to camouflage himself downstairs.  While the rest of the country's been experiencing unusually cold weather, we have not.  But, tonight we're bracing for a big change in weather and SNOW, so we've stocked up on necessities.  I have a couple of books to read, and all of the above-mentioned art projects planned, too, so it can snow all it wants!

Will you be making valentines this year?  I'd love to swap some hand made paper cards or tags with friends; let me know if you're interested in doing that -- comment below and be sure I have a way to reach you if your Google account is set to no-reply!